Belmont Brekkie Program

The Belmont Brekkie team serve each Wednesday at Belmont High School and consists of a team of 6-8 volunteers. Every week this amazing team serves and shows God’s love to the students at Belmont High by meeting a physical need in providing a nutritious breakfast along with the bigger and often more real need that we all have, to belong.

For many of the young people we serve life is full of inconsistency and uncertainty, so it is a privilege we have to provide a consistent connection every Wednesday morning. Many of these students are there every week and having something hot to eat, a smile or someone to talk to can sometimes make all the difference in their life.

City Frogs

Little Malop Street, in the heart of the city, is a bustling place. Hundreds of commuters wait daily at the nearby terminals to catch buses. It’s a popular meeting place for a large number of youth in our city and this has often resulted in antisocial behaviour with the reputation linked to this area sadly negative.

Geelong City Frogs started in early 2012 and has met a deep need amongst the lost, the unwanted and those on the fringes of society. Through consistency, practical love and serving our city we have seen powerful God encounters and often the opportunity to meet people at the right place at the right time.

On Friday afternoons each week, The Geelong City Frogs team set up their marquee, cook pancakes and prepare a large batch of icy cold cordial for the day. Groups of young people gather around and conversations develop with a sense of community as our volunteers engage with young people and people of all ages and walks of life. It is in this atmosphere that our volunteers offer help and support and on many occasions have meaningful encounters where they are able to refer people for help or offer advice or encouragement when it was really needed.

Cupcake Ministry

Women working in brothels deserve dignity, respect and care, but experience shows that the majority are vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized within our society.

Through our Cupcake Ministry we seek to visit and show care for these women without discrimination or judgement as we care, listen, pray and offer connections for women.

The cupcakes baked with love, provide us with a well-received tool for engagement, leading to opportunities to sit and talk over a cuppa. We consistently and regularly visit the ladies and our commitment to authentically love these women has forged meaningful, respectful and enjoyable ongoing relationships.